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Your qualifications will determine the kind of PMI Certification that you are eligible to acquire. It’s advisable to achieve one or more world-wide recognized certifications which fit in your career plans. The various PMI Certifications of all skills levels and education include:

  1. Risk Management Professional (PMI- RMP)
  2. This certification involves specializing in project risk management. It increases diversity & growth one acquires knowledge of identifying risks in a project, handling threats and venture on opportunities. It’s specializing on how to minimize risk in an organization making holder a great asset in an organization.
  3. Scheduling Professional (SP).
  4. One develops a unique knowledge of maintaining project schedules and still possesses skills of other areas of project management. Being a source of solution in project management its enables in increasing diversity, growth and complexity. Employers scheduling is properly enhanced.
  5. Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)
  6. It’s an ideal certification for managers who ensure organizational objectives are achieved. The holders have the ability to execute one or even more portfolio management. They communicate concerning portfolio progression and recommend which action should be put in place. The holder increases realization of organizational objectives and strategies.
  7. Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)
  8. Practitioner is validated to understand & apply agile principles, techniques and practices in a project. One will acquire a unique way to approach project managing using the necessary tools.
  9. Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)
  10. A program or project manager who carries out business analysis in their obligations should consider this certification. It enables one to effectively define business requirements of stakeholders, outline the output and get the desired results of the business by implementing the necessary changes.
  11. Program Management Professional (PgMp)
  12. Being a holder of this credential you are able to manage multiple, complex projects achieving organization goals. One acquires experience of putting together related projects which were under different management after realizing they are not beneficial. The holder ensures a business program success hence goals being achieved.
  13. Project Management Professional (PMP).
  14. For this certification one gains experience to direct and lead projects hence vital for project managers. Besides education one will also gain experience, competency of effective leading project teams. An experienced Manager can consider having it to improve their overall skills.
  15. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
  16. It’s an ideal certification for great performance in project management. The credential is considered for entry level for those with or without project experience. One acquires knowledge, processes and terminologies of project planning enabling to manage bigger projects.

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